XALERT:Curbside greeting and drop-off service now available at Village Veterinary Clinic during COVID-19. You can read morehere

Corona Virus Concerns/ Limiting exposure while providing care

Curbside greeting and drop-off service now available at Village Veterinary Clinic

Dear Village Veterinary Clinic friends,

These are stressful times for all, and the last thing you need is to worry about your pet’s health while we navigate through the current health threat of COVID-19. That’s why at this time, we will continue to be open during normal business hours and will continue to honor appointments.  We are doing our best to take care of your pet's needs.  Adult wellness care appointments are being scheduled for several weeks in the future to try to limit everyone involved exposure.

In an effort to keep everyone – you, your pet, and our staff – safe and healthy, we will be providing curbside service to our clients, for both pets with appointments and also for picking up supplies like food and medication. Please call us upon your arrival, and we will send a team member to meet you and bring your pet from your car directly to an examination room. We will take some history at the carside or you can use the form below (see link) and answer the questions. We will call before, during and after your pet's appointment as needed to discuss history, diagnostics, exam findings and treatments.  


Before your scheduled appointment, we are asking that all owners fill out this mobile-friendly form to help with the check-in process: /forms/patients-health-exam

If you prefer not to wait, you may also drop your pet off with us. A doctor will examine your pet and we’ll contact you when your pet is ready to go home. To use this option, please call ahead for availability.

Curbside and drop-off services are being offered to limit your public exposure and still maintain your pet's veterinary care. Think of them as VIP valet service for your pet! 

IMPORTANT: If you're feeling under the weather yourself or if you may have been exposed to someone with COVID-90, we ask you to please take very special precautions, for the safety of our staff, our clients, our patients - and for your own health, as well. We ask you to please either:

  • Arrange for someone else to bring your pet in, or
  • If your pet is scheduled for a wellness visit and isn’t sick, please call us to reschedule your appointment. You won’t be penalized for canceling an appointment due to illness or possible exposure.

We have always maintained extensive daily cleaning protocols to keep our facilities clean and sanitary. In addition to our regular cleaning, we have also added additional disinfecting protocols for extra protection, per the CDC's recommendations.

We recommend this Veterinary Partner FAQ for Pet Owners article for your reference:

Thank you very much for working with us as we find ways to continue caring for our patients while keeping everyone healthy and safe. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns; we’re happy to help!


The entire staff of Village Veterinary Clinic