XUPDATE:At this time, we are requiring anyone visiting the office to be fully vaccinated and to wear a mask. Additionally, we ask that only one person accompany their pet.Read more here.

Tour Our Facility

Reception Lobby

Our reception lobby is where our clients and their "fur" kids are first greeted by our staff.

Treatment Room

In the treatment room, we do a variety of procedures and diagnostics, including blood draws, vaccinations, wound treatment, ear cleanings, and expressing anal glands. This area is also where we perform our dental surgical procedures.

Surgery Suites

We have two seperate surgical suites. We have a Carbon Dioxide surgical laser for various surgical procedures. We also have a "Cold" laser for laser therapy for pain management, wound healing, adjunctive treatment for osteoarthritis pain, and chronic pain conditions. We also have 2 state of the art Ultrasound machines.

Examination Rooms

Our facility has six exam rooms. One procedure room where we can perform ultrasounds and ophthalmic examinations.


Laboratory tests are performed in our clinic giving us results that day. We can perform blood work, urinalysis, and cytologies. We also have outside reference laboratories were we can get the results within a day or two.